Dear Parents,

I want to update you on the exciting things we are doing in Social Studies and Religion.

Social Studies: 6th, 7th, and 8th

  • Students have been assigned a report about a historical and/or significant African American figure
  • They will be learning about great things such as the African American that invented the cell phone and more
  • The requirements for the report was given to each student on February 18th and a parent signature was due on February 22nd
  • Report due date is Monday February 29th

I am looking forward to some wonderful reports!

Religion: 6th, 7th, and 8th

  • Students are required to do a self reflective journal during Lent
  • They should take 5-15minutes of prayer (read the Bible, a prayer, reflection, etc.) and respond in their journals
  • The Lenten Journal is worth 25% of the their 3rd Trimester grade
  • The Lenten Journal is due during Holy Week, Wednesday, March 23rd

I encourage you to take this time during Lent to discuss what you can do as a family to respond to the Lenten practices of Prayer, Penance, and Almsgiving (helping those in need) especially during this Year of Mercy

Ms. Fabien