Dear Parent,

Here at St. Mary Magdalen, we are joyful for Christ’s resurrection. This month in Religion, we will be focused on service and kindness. Hopefully, your children will be a little kinder and more helpful at home. In addition, we will continue to provide many opportunities for your children to be good stewards. The classes continue to learn about the history and truth of the Church. I encourage you to spend time praying the Rosary together as a family and to attend mass regularly.

In Social Studies:

8th graders are keeping up with the election process through current event discussions, exploring how the government was set up, and examining their possible future roles.

7th graders are learning how ancient African civilizations developed and thrived with the exchange of salt, gold, and ideas. In addition, they continue to research various countries and the cultures that exists there.

6th graders are discovering that the Ancient Israelites were the first to believe in one God (monotheism). Also, how the Jewish and Arab people have been in conflict for thousands of years and why this conflict has an impact on us today.