Hello Parents,

Religion: During the month of May, we focus on our spiritual mother Mary. I encourage you to pray the Rosary as family at least once a week. Please continue to encourage your children to focus on Mercy by praying for others, donating to charitable organizations such as the Holy Spirit Food Pantry and/or St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP).

Social Studies:

  • 6th: Thank you parents for your support with helping your child complete the Temple Project. They look great! Please stop by and take a look at the finished product on display upstairs.
  • 7th: Following our visit to the African American museum, your children will be learning about ancient Central and South African Kingdoms and how the slave trade began. Also, we continue to discover interesting facts about countries throughout the world.
  • 8th: Students have been working on understanding the difficulties with forming a strong union at the beginning of our nation. Please encourage your child to watch the election primaries and process. We discuss the structure of the government and the current process is a good example.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Ms. Fabien