I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful gifts that I received for Teacher Appreciation Week.  All of your presents and kind words definitely brightened my day and made me feel so special.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful students and an amazing school community to show me they care.

St. Joseph’s Field Trip

We had so much fun at our annual field trip to St. Joseph’s.  A big thank you to our wonderful sister school for hosting us and making our day extra special.






Awesome Academics

This month our student’s worked extremely hard on their fictional narratives.  They had to develop an original story concept, characters, and peer edit their classmates work.  I am so proud of the progress they made and I can’t wait for them to share their stories with everyone.  Our students also got a sneak peek of the missions projects they will complete in fourth grade.






Our third graders looked amazing in their clothes for Cinco de Mayo.





I am so proud of my students this month.  They have spent the whole month preparing for their First Communion and they did an amazing job.  I would like to thank Ms. Gordillo and Mrs. Warmington for preparing our students and organizing an amazing ceremony.  I would also like to thank the HS/SMM students who came to sing with Mr. De Leon and our fourth grade altar servers.  Everyone did an amazing job.


Our altar servers…thank you 4th grade!!

March Madness is underway and our classroom is full of fun and meaningful learning.  This month students completed their Women’s History Report.  Each student was assigned a historical woman to research and create an visual representation of them.  We also covered California history topics that included California poppies, California regions, and the Indigenous people that occupied those areas.


Watercolor Poppies

Poppies are our state flower and are

drought tolerant.



Student Work

Our students have been working very hard this month and our hallways, classrooms, and bulletin boards are looking fabulous.  We have our opinion letters on display.  Students wrote a letter trying to convince me that homework is either needed or is not needed in the classroom.  We also created acrostic poems for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.

Women’s History reports on display

California Regions foldable





February News

Happy Heart Day!! This month brings a lot of fun activities for our students.  We will be finishing up our Catholic Schools Week festivities and celebrating Valentines Day.  We will also be having a bake sale to raise money for our classroom. 



For the third consecutive time third grade has beat fourth grade in a dance battle.  Fourth grade tried their best, but third grade was declared the winner!  The third graders were excited to end their Valentine’s day with a fun mini dance party.  Thank you to all the wonderful students and their parents for the wonderful gifts!

Getting ready to battle!!!

Even though they didn’t dance…they cheered on their classmates!

Student Awards

I would like to recognize our student of the month and SLE winners.  They work very hard and I am proud of their hard work.  Chloe received the Student of the Month award for her amazing contributions to our school.  She has donated over 600 box tops!  Sofia and Abigail received SLE awards for knowing their basic skills in all subjects (Sofia) and being able to handle hard times and peer pressure (Abigail).  Great job ladies!!

From left to right: Sofia, Chloe, and Abigail

Career Day

Students had an opportunity to hear from a variety of professionals regarding their careers.  They also dressed up to show what they want to be when they grow up.

Sporty boys

Teacher and Vet…

Athlete, priest, and barista




January News 

This month is going to be very exciting.  I would like to welcome everyone to open house.  We will also be celebrating Catholic Schools week this month.  There is plenty of fun ahead!


Third grade did an amazing job on their projects!  Our science project winners are:

1st Place - Daniela Rubio

1st Place – Daniela Rubio

2nd Place - Chloe Pena

2nd Place – Chloe Pena

3rd Place - Nicholas Barillas

3rd Place – Nicholas Barillas


Guess Who!

Guess Who!

A big thank you to the parents who came to our open house!  The students worked very hard to show you their work.



3rd Grade is so comfy in their PJ’s

Just having a little fun…






December NEWS

December Student of the Month

Nicolas Landry

Nicolas Landry


Carlos Ocampo was our first student to know his multiplication tables...Congrats!

Carlos Ocampo was our first student to know his multiplication tables…Congrats!


November News

This month is a time to reflect on the many blessings we have in our lives.  I am thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of your lives.  I love teaching and working with your children.  It is one of the many blessings in my life.


November Student of the Month

Giselle Carmen

Giselle Carmen



Election Day

God Bless America

God Bless America

Amyah is making her voice heard!

Amyah is making her voice heard!


Jacob is voting in our mock election.

Jacob is voting in our mock election.

October News


This month has been very busy for our students.  We had student council elections, a field trip, and Halloween festivities.  Congratulations to Nicholas Barillas (3rd grade publicity) and Carlos Ocampo (Vice President).  I know they will help our school do great things. 




Ms. Berganza wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!




Field Trip – The Getty Villa


Drawing our favorite thing in one of the galleries



Melissa felt inspired by these statues



Working together to rebuild pottery fragments



Leah is having fun creating shadows


Creating temporary artwork



Playing around with shadows…



We loved all the beautiful tiles


Relaxing after a long day of learning











Getting ready for their speeches on election day



This month our students are getting back into the swing of things.  We are getting used to all the homework, tests, and studying.  We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by sketching and painting self portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo. 


Sofia, Angel, Jacob, Doralin, Jayden, and Nicolas are having a great time creating their masterpieces.




Congrats to the 3rd Grade Box Top Winner for September. Jorge Guerra brought in 51 box tops. Our class total was 92 box tops.



Welcome to Third Grade!

                My name is Stephanie Berganza and I am the third grade teacher at Holy Spirit School. Most of you know me as the first grade teacher, but I am very excited to have made the move up to third grade.

                Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Alhambra, but my family is from Guatemala. Growing up I had so many different ideas of what I wanted to do when I “grew up.” After chasing many different dreams at Pasadena City College I got some amazing advice. One of my teachers told me to do what made me happy. At the time I was working as a Park and Recreation Leader.  Working with children had always really made me happy. I worked for the Parks and Recreation department for seven years. In those seven years I coached basketball, cheerleading, drill team, and volleyball. I also was the site supervisor for the summer enrichment program. I loved it! I wanted to work with children.

                Once I knew what my goal was I tirelessly worked towards it. I transferred from PCC to the California State University, Los Angeles. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in multiple subject curriculum and a multiple subject credential. During this time I worked as an instructional aide for three years at a Catholic School in Glendale. Once I had my teaching credential I was thrilled to receive a job as the first grade teacher at Holy Spirit School. After taking a year off to teach, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to earn a Master’s of Science in Education from Mount Saint Mary’s College.

                I have had a blast working at Holy Spirit School. This is my 7th year working in our school. I taught 1st grade for five years and now I am so happy to be the third grade teacher. I can’t believe it has already been seven years. My life has changed a lot in the last seven years.  I am happily married and have a son. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

Any Questions? Email me: / Twitter: @MsBerganza