Field Trip

This Spring first grade has a field trip to get excited for!  We will be joining second grade and going off to Discovery Cube.  I am looking forward to sharing some great science experiences with the class.  We will be going in April.  There are more details to come, please be on the look-out for a permission slip in your child’s homework folder.

First Grade Garden

This Spring I would like to start a garden with the class.  If you have any small gardening tools to lend or donate, please let me know.  Also, if you would like to donate a packet of flower seeds it would be greatly appreciated!   No fruits or vegetables, I would prefer to plant flowers only.  Thank you!


Please make sure your child is reading their mini book every night of the week and answering all the questions on the corresponding worksheets in their homework.  This will greatly help with their reading comprehension 🙂 They should also be reading books of their own at home as well.

Weekly School-Wide Learning Expectation (SLE)

A self-motivator who is honest and proud of themselves.

(Please be sure to review the weekly SLE with your child.)