About Ms. Morales!

Photo Credit: Juni Setiawan

          I have been passionate about the educational field since I began tutoring my second language classmates in the sixth grade. Through my faith and guidance from fellow supporters, I have had many opportunities to work with various schools as well as organizations throughout my career.

          Besides teaching not only teach Language Arts and Music Education to students of all ages, I have been blessed with the responsibility of creating intervention programs for schools to help at-risk youth succeed both academically and personally.

          With degrees in both English and Multicultural/Bilingual Education, as well as currently pursuing an additional Masters of Education degree at Loyola Marymount University,  I am dedicated in providing every student who enters my classroom an equal opportunity to achieve academic success. I hope to not just inspire my students to become agents of change in their society, but to be motivated to pass their knowledge onto others in the world.