2nd Grade

March 2017

Creative Plays

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In our last reading unit the students learned all about plays. They enjoyed this unit a lot because they each took turns playing a role in a play. I had the students work in small groups reading the story assigned in the textbook. It was great seeing them so enthusiastic about reading!

Half way through the week I assigned each table a small play. They had to read it and decide which student in […]

Fun With Money!

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We have started the lesson on money and time, and I have to say the kids are very enthusiastic about it! I taught them a fun song to help them understand the value of each coin. They quickly learned it and get excited to begin the lesson everyday by singing it aloud. After each lesson in this chapter, I have students take turns coming up to the front of the class and […]

Science Fair Winners

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I am very proud to announce the winners of the 2nd grade Science Fair. These three young ladies did an incredible job on their project. They were very enthusiastic presenting to the class all of the interesting facts they found out about their dinosaur!

February 2017

Catholic Schools Week


Catholic Schools Week was a fun filled event enjoyed by all the students. The second graders were excited coming to class everyday dressed up in pajamas, funny clothes, and what they want to be when they grow up. It was such a fun filled week for both students and teachers, more of a reason to love our amazing school!


October 2016

October News


2nd Grade had a very busy month of October!

In the first weeks of October they learned about the famous artist Frida Kahlo. They enjoyed learning about her life and the impact her art still has on people today. We studied her life, and at the end of the unit they drew their own self portrait of her.

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In […]

August 2016

Second Grade is excited for the season of Fall!


Second grade welcomed the season of Fall with fun art and creative writing! Although the weather is very HOT, we tried to bring in the feeling of Fall with fun scarecrows and displayed them all over the classroom. The students also wrote what they enjoy the most about this wonderful season.

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