Math and Science

 Beaker and Calc



The year is flying by here at St. Mary Magdalen!

6th Grade News: We’re continued exploring operations involving fractions and unknown quantities (variables!!) We’ve just finished up our unit on Multiplying and Dividing fractions, and using these operations to find the value of X. Next we will be moving onto Ratios, proportions, and percents. We’ll be using math in order to help us find great deals at the grocery store, or calculate just how much you’ll save with that 20% off coupon!

In science we’re wrapping up with mapping, rocks and weathering. Students helped each other study by creating power point presentations based on their assigned chapters! Next we’ll be moving on to an exciting portion of Earth Sciences, the Oceans!

7th Grade News:

We’re in the middle of our unit on incorporating variable expressions into our fraction work. Students are treating variables algebraically and simplifying increasingly complex expressions. Next up will be proportions and ratios that involve unknown quantities and using concepts we already know to solve for X.

In Science, students wrapped up our unit on Genetics with a panel discussion regarding genetic testing and privacy. Students took on different roles to help explain the complex world of genetic testing. Some roles included the CEO of a health insurance company, the Founder of a genetic disorder research foundation, a patients rights advocate, and others.

8th Grade News:

We’re starting our unit on functions and we’re beginning to graph equations! This sets the foundation for more complex mathematics that will be coming up before we know it! We’ll be graphing inequalities after this unit, a helpful skill to know when it comes to fundraising and handling money!

We wrapped up our unit on Work and Machines in Physics this past month. Students participated in a debate about the use of Machines in the workplace. Next up in physics we’re starting on Energy and Power.

I have given students individual accounts to use at Khan Academy (click link to take you there.) Please encourage your students to practice and log in throughout the week. With Khan Academy I will be able to review skills and also incorporate new skills to challenge those who need it.

As always, any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or through the Office.