Math and Social Studies

November Updates:

Hard to believe its already November! Come up to the 2nd floor and see the beginnings of our St. Mary Magdalen Museum!

We’re headed to the Getty Villa on November, 7th! We’ll be able to see ancient artifacts from Greece and Rome that we will be studying in 6th grade, and that 7th and 8th graders are already familiar with.

We’ve started using a new program called Mathletics! Please encourage your child to utilize this website to practice skills learned in class. There will be fun to come with this exciting new Math program!

As always, any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or through the Office.


Clockwise from Top: Neolithic Village Murals from the 6th Grade, Posters encouraging settlers in Colonial America from the 8th Grade, one of the Five Pillars of Islam from the 7th Grade









6th Grade:

Social Studies: We’re wrapping up our Mesopotamia Unit and moving into Ancient Egypt. Students will conclude Mesopotamia by entering Hammurabi’s Courtroom, and earn their Mesopotamian Law Degrees!

Math: We’re going to begin working with Variables and Equations this month. We’re going to evaluate patterns, and discovering the hidden values in equations and expressions. We’ll also learn how to translate word problems into the language of Math.

7th Grade:

Social Studies: We’re halfway through our unit on the Birth of Islam and its spread throughout the Old World. Students will be examining the achievements and contributions that Islam and Muslim Scholars have made to the development of Mankind.

Math: We’re going to begin working with decimals of increasing difficulty and incorporating them into our algebraic expressions and equations. Up until this point students have been exposed to decimals up to the hundredths and occasionally thousandths places, we’re going to expand upon that and go deeper into smaller numbers.

8th Grade:

Social Studies: We’re wrapping up our unit on the Declaration of Independence with our first analytical essay of the year! After we will be moving on into the Constitution and continue our investigation into Early America and our founding documents.

Math: We’re in the midst of our Math Boot Camp. We’re shoring up our mathematic foundations, and strengthening skills that will be needed once students enter High School.


This year in Math and Social Studies:

I have given students individual accounts to use at Khan Academy (click link to take you there.) Please encourage your students to practice and log in throughout the week. With Khan Academy I will be able to review skills and also incorporate new skills to challenge those who need it.


6th Grade: 

In Math students will work on foundational math skills, and extending and enhancing the skills from previous years. This will set them up for success when introducing more complex mathematic concepts they will encounter in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 in the coming years. We will be focusing on complex fraction work, ratios and proportional thinking, and ensuring their number sense is strong enough to build confidence in their mathematic abilities.

In Social Studies we will be starting at the very beginning of human history and the development of civilizations throughout ancient and early World History. We will explore Ancient Mesopotamia all the way up to the Roman Empire. Students will not only be learning the history, but also what it means to think critically and use evidence to support arguments and conclusions. They will make connections between Ancient Civilizations and modern society to determine similarities and differences with that past.

7th Grade: 

In Math students will begin working with variables and more complex equations in their first experiences with Pre-Algebra. They will build upon previous years math skills and combine skills to help solve multi-step equations and simplifying expressions. Students will revisit concepts relating to percents, proportions, and ratios, but using variables to help determine proportional relations, mark-ups and discounts.

In Social Studies this year students will examine World History from the Roman Empire to the Pre-Columbian Aztec, Incan, and Mayan empires of Mesoamerica. Particularly, students will focus on the increasing interconnectedness of civilizations across the globe, the rise and fall of empires, and the impact of technological advances on the development of society and civilizations.

8th Grade:

In Math students will be taking Algebra 1, the culmination of all their middle school math skills. Students will take the concepts learned in earlier grades, and learn to apply them to new forms of equations and expressions. Students will graph equations and functions in order to understand the relationship between variables. These skills will make it easier to succeed in High School. They will master the concepts of Algebra 1 so they can focus on the increasingly complex mathematics of Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Statistics, and other forms of Math they will be seeing in 9th-12th grades.

In Social Studies, students will focus on American History through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Rather than reviewing the basic historical facts of the Development of America, we will investigate the concepts of what makes an American, and the evolving definitions of Freedom, Liberty, and Equality. We will look at Westward Expansion and the idea of “Manifest Destiny” and conquering the supposedly empty land West of the Mississippi River. Students will see that issues that faced early Americans, are still present today.