This month was fun filled and full of surprises.  Students are really hitting the books and starting to get the hang of studying for exams.  The student body was excited to have a demonstration of what mad science is all about.  We also had a donation of field hockey equipment from Mr. C!  The students love field hockey and will be playing during teacher led physical education.  Our students also took part in student elections and I am pleased to announce that Natalia Olmedo is our Vice-President and Amy Sanchez is our third grade publicity member.  It has definitely been a busy time for the third grade class.


Thank you Mr. C!!! Our class loves field hockey!!


Mad Science demonstration


Election Day! I am very proud of my students for being brave enough to make their speeches in front of teachers, parents, and the students.


Getting our vote on…


Listening to Sister tell us how we can make a difference for the children of Haiti.