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Happy Fall! As we enter a new month here at St. Mary Magdalen School, students have been hard at work strengthening analytical skills, developing new vocabulary, and improving their writing style! It has been such a wonderful experience watching students apply what they have learned in class confidently as we begin our first novels for the academic year!


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8th Grade will analyzing theories of human nature and develop critical thinking skills as they analyze figurative language in their first unit novel.

7th Grade will discuss challenges of different socioeconomic classes and other social justice issues.

6th Grade will be exploring themes of redemption , forgiveness, and plot development in their first unit novel.













Sixth Graders busy at work editing sentences during Grammar Workshop!


Sixth grade has shown extraordinary progress in developing their grammatical skills. Besides strengthening their knowledge of basic writing structure and parts of speech, I am so proud of how well they are applying these skills to their own writing development! In the next few weeks, students will begin their first essay for this academic school year! For now, our sixth graders are learning more about elements of plot and character development! 





Seventh Grade has been amazing this school year as they are beginning to research and discuss social justice issues both through exploration or through our unit novel. By exploring the benefits and challenges faced by many in all socioeconomic classes, our seventh graders are learning to develop their opinions and propose ideas in response to the issues many face today. 





With HSPT Prep classes beginning at Loyola High School, our Eighth Grade class has been working hard at strengthening their analytical skills. Through presentations about plot development or class discussions about symbolism, there is always work to be done in Language Arts Class. Additionally, our Eighth Graders will be receiving their graduating class hoodies later this month. Stay tuned for photos!