The school provides a quality, inexpensive extended day care program (EDC).  Students who are not picked-up on time will be sent to EDC and charged accordingly. For safety and billing reasons all students must be signed out when leaving.

3:15pm – 6:00pm (regular school days)
12:15pm – 6:00pm (early dismissal days)

Fees must be paid in the office by the 10th of each month.

$100 per month for one child ($50 each additional sibling).

$25 per week for one child ($10 each additional sibling).

 Hourly/Occasional Use
$3 per hour each child (with previous notification, please call before 2:30 pm)
** $5 per hour per child without advanced payment and/or notification

Additional fees
$1 per minute late fee after 6:00 pm