Ms. Claudia Garcia, Principal

Welcome to Holy Spirit/St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School where we combine spirituality, academics and service to prepare our students to live a faith-filled life.

Our school motto, “Love of God, Love of Others, Love of Self”, is practiced by the school community on a daily basis.

At Holy Spirit/St. Mary Magdalen School, your student will be educated in the Catholic faith and recognize the importance of living a spiritual life.  Students receive religious education on a daily basis and attend monthly Mass to prepare them to be lifelong Catholics as well as contributing members of their parish communities.  The message of Jesus Christ creates a school climate where spiritual growth is at the forefront of our mission to educate your child.

Catholic schools have a long history of strong academics.  Holy Spirit/St. Mary Magdalen School provides a quality education for students in K-8th grade. We graduate students who continue to perform at high achievement levels in high school.  High academic expectations are set for our students as we teach a rigorous curriculum and promote instructional methodology that elicits critical thinking skills.

The Catholic faith stresses the importance of being in service to others.  At Holy Spirit/St. Mary Magdalen School, we look for opportunities for our students to take advantage of their God-given abilities.  We encourage them to dedicate their time and talents to the school, parish and to the surrounding community.  Learning to help others will prepare them to be the servant leaders of tomorrow.

Again, I welcome you to Holy Spirit/St. Mary Magdalen School.  Contact the school for a visit and come see the great things happening with our students. This is an exciting time to be at Holy Spirit/St. Mary Magdalen School.

Ms. Claudia Garcia